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Vicibox contact center installation requirements

    These are recommended installation requirements if you need to play with Vicibox open source scalable contact center solution: -  DB server (for up to 150 agents)  - 8GB RAM, 240GB+ SSD - ALWAYS INSTALL FIRST IN CLUSTER SETUP FOLLOWING WITH ARCHIVE, WEB AND LAST TELEPHONY SERVER! -  Archive server  - 2GB+ RAM, 1TB HDD -  Web server  - 4GB+ RAM, 160GB HDD -  Telephony server  - 4GB+ RAM, 160GB HDD OS installation notes (assumes you already downloaded ISO from ): root / vicidial - default login os-install - Suse OS installation yast lan - setup properly network and DNS properties yast firewall - setup properly firewall inside OS zypper up -y - install updates and reboot after that yast timezone - setup properly timezone Vicibox express installation: vicibox-express - complete express setup Vicibox cluster installation: vicibox-install - install required component and reboot after that Default username / password for accessing vicibox

Cisco UCS performance manager stops responding!

    Occasionally Cisco UCS performance manager (based on Zenoss 5) may stop responding with main   serviced  daemon inactive - which leads to unresponsive web access and all features...version on which I founded this was 2.0 (but 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 are also the same) of UCS performance manager. Because of that I created small script to check status of service and do an restart - until something better and official came out: #!/bin/bash service=serviced if (( $(ps aux | grep -v grep| grep -v "$0" | grep serviced| wc -l) > 0 )) then echo "$service is running!!!" else service $service restart fi Give it executable rights -  chmod +x [name of script]  - and schedule it through standard cron job. Until something better this should do it...

vDP 6.1 vcenter web client connection problem

If you have problem connecting newest vDP 6.1.2 appliance with vsphere web client in following circumstances: - you are using vDS (Nexus 1kV also) - you migrate everything to standard vswitch and it works like it shoud - THEN please follow procedure from link below: Unable to connect to vCenter appliance with winSCP - please change SFTP environment protocol options in advanced settings to " shell /usr/lib64/ssh/sftp-server"  and enable SSH, Shell access in web Admin settings. It should work like charm...

Zimbra mail server check for spammer account

    Useful cmd for quick checking compromised account in case of internal spam: cat /var/log/zimbra.log | sed -n 's/.*sasl_username=//p' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n Accont with much difference in sent mails is the one to inspect...

Zimbra open source collaboration mail server installation requirements

    These are install requirements that I personally use when I'm playing with lab/production Zimbra open source mail servers: - CentOS OS (minimal ISO) - base OS for Zimbra installation from - 8GB+ RAM, 10GB+ HDD, 2+ vCPU Zimbra installation: DISABLE POSTFIX FROM BASE CENTOS INSTALL WHICH COMES BY DEFAULT -  systemctl stop postfix / systemctl remove postfix disable iptables firewall - assumes you have some other firewall at public side for your mail server set  selinux  adequately at  /etc/sysconfig/selinux setup local DNS adequately at  /etc/hosts -  you must resolve domain names which you are going to use in mail server so that system successfully works - even installer checks for resolvable hostname via DNS tar xzvf [zcsfilename.tgz] -  unpack previosly downloaded file from cd [zcsfilename] ./ -  begin installation process and follow required steps type  X  to see complete