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NSX Advanced Load Balancer (ex AVI Networks) Lets Encrypt script integration

     I would like to share very useful setup for VMware NSX ALB (ex Avi solution), in terms of usage freely available Let's Encrypt certificate management solution. Basically, provided script gives you automation inside NSX ALB environment, without the need for some external tools or systems. Putting it summary these are the required steps: - create appropriate virtual service (VS) which you will use for SSL setup with Let's Encrypt cert - this can be standalone service or SNI ( Service Name Identifier ) based ( Parent/Child ) if needed. Initially you can select "System-Default" SSL cert during the VS setup; - create appropriate DNS records for new service in place - out of scope of NSX ALB most of the times. NSX ALB Controllers should have access to Let's Encrypt public servers for successful ACME based HTTP-01 certificate generation/renewal; - Download required script from  HERE - Follow rest of required configuration steps on this link  NSX-ALB-Lets-Encrypt-SET

Linux VM online disk expansion

      Occasionally, there is a need to expand disk assigned to some Linux virtual machine, depending on infrastructure or service provided inside datacenter. Personally, I liked feature inside Windows OS where, after you resize HDD through virtual machine settings, using Disk management tool you have easy option just to do an online expansion, without rebooting or something similar.     For most of the time similar action, at least from my side on Linux based VMs, was performed using reboot operation and then disk expansion process. Particular commands needed to expand disk inside Linux VMs are very well explained on following links: extending a logical volume (LVM) in a Linux virtual machine  - Red Hat/CentOS example, or increasing the size of a Linux ext3 virtual machine disk . useful KB if you need to create new disk on existing Linux VM, for test/lab purpose, before trying below process - LINK     I would like to introduce couple of new options for these kind of scenarios, which wi