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VMware SD WAN (Velocloud) on prem lab guide

    For the purpose of lab playground and explore on different features from VMware SD WAN (ex Velocloud) solution, it's possible to relatively easy deploy required solutions inside demo environments. Full on prem production infrastructure requires use of VMware professional services for proper deployment and installation, with cloud based as most preferred option by vendor itself.     Setup requires a couple of OVA files for deployment, like in  typical VMware environments: - vCO - orchestrator, for the purpose of configuration and management plane, - vCG - gateway, for the purpose of control plane function, - vCE - edge, data plane establishment and possibly the only hardware piece in SD WAN setup (also available as OVA of course).     Successful setup comprises next steps: 1) classic OVA deployment of vCO and vCG components - vCO/vCG. For vCO and vCG you have option to dedicate 1 or 2 interfaces for the purpose of communication with external/internal (ie second vCO or vCG) world

VMware SD WAN - multiple locations - LAN IP address space overlapping with NAT

     Different scenarios are possible in terms of routing, NAT-ing and IP overlapping setups using VMware Velocloud SD WAN technology in Customer environments.      Recently I had an PoC with my Customer for the on-prem option with this VMware solution, where different use cases were interesting to show and demonstrate - one of them is something I would like to share and it relates to possibility of LAN-side NAT on Edge (branch) locations, with purpose to have IP overlapped on these setups. Next picture is showing typical Hub&Spoke setup where it can be possible to make this type of configuration: Picture 1. VMware SD WAN lab on-prem environment     Basically thing which needs to be accomplished is appropriate NAT solution for LANs on every branch Edge which are and needs to be the same ( in this example) - as it is shown on Picture 1.      Honestly speaking, NAT is not one of so powerful things inside Velocloud SD WAN solution, if you compares it to traditional netwo