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NSX-T Layer 2 bridging - scenarios & use cases

     Layer 2 bridging is very useful feature of NSX-T, which provides connection to a VLAN backed port group or a device, such as a gateway, that resides outside of NSX-T DC environment. Useful scenarios, among others, are: Workload migration from VLAN-backed to NSX overlay segment, NSX-V to NSX-T migration in Customer environments, Security features leverage using NSX-T Gateway firewall etc. L2 bridging feature requires usage of Edge clusters and Edge Bridge profiles.      Deployments should consider different options, with most important scenarios, for implementation below (this covers Edge VM deployment option as typical use case): Edge VM on VSS portgroup  --> promiscuous and forged transmit on portgroup REQUIRED / ESXi host (with Edge VM) command " esxcli system settings advanced set -o /Net/ReversePathFwdCheckPromisc -i 1 " REQUIRED / Active and Standby Edge VMs should be on different hosts, Edge VM on VDS 6.6 (or later) portgroup  --> Enable MAC learning with the

NSX ALB LetsEncrypt script parameters and usage

     In one of my previous posts about NSX ALB (Avi) and Let's Encrypt integration LINK , I explained how useful could be implementing service like this, especially in Customer environment where large number of different DNS records exist, serving different virtual services using legitimately known and signed digital certificate. Based on main part of this functionality, GitHub script used for certificate management service inside NSX ALB ( LINK - v0.9.7 actual at the time of writing), I would like to show you different options available and useful depending on different use cases and scenarios.     Parameters used by script are well defined and usable inside certificate management configuration on NSX ALB: user / password - self explained and needed by certificate management service for successful run of script. Permissions using custom role defined as  read & write access enabled for Virtual Service, Application Profile, SSL/TLS Certificates and Certificate Management Profi