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NSX Edge / Transport node TEP networking scenarios

    During time and different NSX-T versions, different options were available from the perspective of Edge/ESXi Transport node TEP ( Tunnel EndPoint ) networking aspect, which gives multiple options for someone to fulfil even the most demanding scenarios in this area. Some of them gives more flexibility or simplicity, but ultimate goal for functional SDN is always satisfied.     One VMware article gives in summary overview what you can use, plan, and I found it very useful in several occasions as a reminder how something in TEP/VLAN area could be achieved - LINK     In summary, mentioned KB gives following options from TEP networking perspective, comparing Edge nodes and ESXi transport nodes: Edge TEP and ESXi host Transport Node TEP can be configured on the same VLAN in the following configurations: - Edge VM TEP interface connected to a portgroup on an ESXi host not prepared for NSX - Edge VM TEP interface connected to a portgroup on a switch not used by NSX, on an ESXi host prepare