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NSX-T - North/South Edge uplink connection options and scenarios

     In this, a little bit longer post, I'm going to explain a couple typical use case scenarios regarding different options used inside NSX-T environment for connection options on Edge side, regarding TEP and North/South traffic options. Every environment is special use case, but hope you will find here summary options which you can use for successful deployment and design planning. First, couple of assumptions that I made here: - vSphere environment is v7.x - vDS distributed switch is in place - this dramatically can simplify NSX-T design and implementation because of NSX support inside vSphere 7. vSphere ESXi is pre-requisite for this and if you have such kind of infra, unless you have some special reason - N-vDS is not necessary at all - Basically, we are speaking here about post NSX-T v2.5 era where, similar to bare metal Edge nodes, Edge VM form factor also supports same vDS/N-VDS for overlay and external traffic - definitely no more "three N-VDS per Edge VM design"