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VMware vSwitch - Cisco port-channeling configuration

Useful type of configurations in case of port-channel needs in VMware environments - these are 3 options for this:   Option I: - Select “Route based on IP hash” on the vSwitch - Configure Port channel on the Catalyst switches to bundle the links to the physical adapters.   Option II: - Select “Route based on source MAC hash” as the load balancing method on the vSwitch - Do not configure port channel on the Cisco Catalyst switches.   Option III: - If “Route based on the originating virtual switch port ID” is used on the vSwitch, do not team the Virtual Ethernet Adapters as Active/Active on the virtual servers - you may use as Active/Standby on the Virtual servers - Do not configure port channel on the Cisco Catalyst switches.

VMware disk consolidation alarm configuration

If you are using VDP in your environment you will probably from time to time see a need for disk consolidation on some of your VM's. It's not an problem but here is a quick setup how to define an alarm action on this type of problem with Email notification: - create new alarm in your datacenter with this settings: >>> Alarm name : something logical >>> Alarm type : Monitor for specific events occuring on this object... >>> Enable this alarm - checked >>>  Triggers tab - Add --> , status Warning >>> Actions tab - Send a notification email with settings for "From normal to warning" . Next time you will be notified on provided mails about disk consolidation needs...

Cisco IP phone recovery procedure

If you have this kind of problem - phone won't boot, not showing anything on screen upon powering etc. - and you tried softreset (123456789*0#) and hard one (3491672850*#), then you should give this option a try...for this to work you would need: - tftpd32 software ( ) - adequate firmware files for your 7900 phone ( ) - local power adapter for IP phone - power cube 3,4 typically. You are going to use tftpd32 software for locally provision of firmware to IP phone and as a DHCP server for same phone with required option 150 in it. Required steps: - configure your PC with static IP address - some value from your test DHCP pool. If you are going to use, let's say, pool, then you can give your PC - for example -, with default gateway also; - configure tftpd32 DHCP options as per picture: - configure tftpd32 TFTP options per your environment and put your firmware files in