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NSX-T - useful CLI commands at one place

    In this article I will try to summarize most useful CLI commands inside NSX-T environment, which I personally favorize, so you can quickly make observations/troubleshooting decisions, hopefully in an easy manner with relevant outputs. Now, NSX-T environment and support for CLI comes with many options - many GETs / SETs CLI commands etc. with included option also for   Central CLI   (more on very nice post at this   LINK ) - but here I'm going to put most interesting one, from my perspective, and for sure this list is going to be expanded: - PING test using TEP interface vmkping ++netstack=vxlan <IP>  [vmkping ++netstack=vxlan -d -s 1572 <destination IP>] - example with sending packet with MTU=1572 w/o fragmentation - Enable firewall logging for rules configured inside NSX-T esxcli network firewall ruleset set -r syslog -e true  - enable firewall SYSLOG generation inside ESXi transport node tail -f /var/log/dfwpktlogs.log | grep <expression>  - check distribute