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Vicibox contact center installation requirements

    These are recommended installation requirements if you need to play with Vicibox open source scalable contact center solution: -  DB server (for up to 150 agents)  - 8GB RAM, 240GB+ SSD - ALWAYS INSTALL FIRST IN CLUSTER SETUP FOLLOWING WITH ARCHIVE, WEB AND LAST TELEPHONY SERVER! -  Archive server  - 2GB+ RAM, 1TB HDD -  Web server  - 4GB+ RAM, 160GB HDD -  Telephony server  - 4GB+ RAM, 160GB HDD OS installation notes (assumes you already downloaded ISO from ): root / vicidial - default login os-install - Suse OS installation yast lan - setup properly network and DNS properties yast firewall - setup properly firewall inside OS zypper up -y - install updates and reboot after that yast timezone - setup properly timezone Vicibox express installation: vicibox-express - complete express setup Vicibox cluster installation: vicibox-install - install required component and reboot after that Default username / password for accessing vicibox