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Cisco UCS performance manager stops responding!

    Occasionally Cisco UCS performance manager (based on Zenoss 5) may stop responding with main   serviced  daemon inactive - which leads to unresponsive web access and all features...version on which I founded this was 2.0 (but 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 are also the same) of UCS performance manager. Because of that I created small script to check status of service and do an restart - until something better and official came out: #!/bin/bash service=serviced if (( $(ps aux | grep -v grep| grep -v "$0" | grep serviced| wc -l) > 0 )) then echo "$service is running!!!" else service $service restart fi Give it executable rights -  chmod +x [name of script]  - and schedule it through standard cron job. Until something better this should do it...